Turkey Dinner 101 - this book will do all the thinking for you, from shopping to setting the table to making a perfect dinner. A must have cookbook!
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Makes a perfect gift for a new bride or novice cook, just add a roasting pan, oven mitts and a meat thermometor.

"The guy that loves the BBQ is cleverly drawn to this book for bragging rights for being able to cook the whole dinner"

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ORDER TODAY - - this book will do all the thinking for you, from shopping to setting the table to making a perfect dinner. A must have cookbook!



With a little planning and step by step instructions, this book will allow anyone to cook a complete turkey dinner. It doesn’t have to be completely gourmet to be delicious. Using ready made items like canned cranberry sauce and frozen vegetables will save time without sacrificing taste. I’ve always used these items when I cook turkey dinner and never had any complaints…. or anyone brave enough to complain.

You are the cook so you decide how fancy you want it. This is just a simple guide to cook a complete meal. You can add your favourite family recipe to the meal and of course your favourite dessert.

The menu chosen will allow you to shop one week in advance without having vegetables spoil.

If this is your first attempt to cook a turkey dinner, be sure to follow the step by step instructions. Following the step by step instruction (yellow pages ) will have dinner ready at 6 pm so start inviting your guests so you know how many to cook for.


Table of Contents:

Grocery list inside pocket

Introduction     page 3

Menu                   page 5

Getting started  page 6

(*Read this 2 weeks before dinner for best results.)

Equipment             page 7

Turkey cooking chart/size page 8

Food safety tips        page  9

Defrosting the turkey page 10

Turkey shopping tips page 11

Table setting    page 11

Pictures of carving turkey  page12

Turkey carving page 13

Getting ready - 7 days before dinner   page 14

Dinner day -Step by step page 15 - 22

Individual Recipes:

Roast turkey     page 23

Mashed Potato recipe     page 24

Gravy     page 24

Stuffing recipe page 25

Brussels Sprouts with Mushrooms page 26

Glazed Carrot Sticks    page 26

Corn/French Beans  page 27

Conversion chart  page 28

About the Author/contact page 29


Turkey Dinner Cookbook
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I Can Cook.... Turkey Dinner
          Do you want to cook a turkey dinner for a special occasion but don't know where to start?
This book contains
A grocery list (which is reusable)
Step by step instructions
Tips that are crucial for a successful turkey dinner party.
Turkey carving guide/cooking chart
Table setting layout
With all the planning, it even tells you when to go have a nap, or for the guys -go watch the PVR. There is plenty of time to relax when you are organized.
Don't forget to hide the book so you can take all the credit.
Special Order

The book even includes pictures and  instructions on how to carve the turkey as partially shown below:

The Menu
Roast Turkey
Sage Stuffing
Mashed Potato
Brussel Sprouts/ Mushrooms
Corn Niblets
Glazed Carrot Sticks
French Cut Green Beans
Cranberry Sauce

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